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) was an American film, television, and Broadway actor with close ties to one of Canada's most successful families, and considered by Lee Strasberg to be one of the founding members of The Actor's Studio in New York City.From 1967 to 1971, Mitchell appeared in the western television series The High Chaparral.

William Miller is a 15-year-old kid hired by Rolling Stone magazine to tour with and write about Stillwater, an up and coming rock band.

This wonderfully witty coming-of-age film follows William as he falls face first to confront life, love, and lingo.

John's Reformed Church, Butler PA (Donegal Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania).

Between the first and second world wars, during his years as a young actor in Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne's National Theater Company, Fontanne suggested that Cameron's surname sounded "a bit too much like the Hun" and insisted he change it to "Mitchell".

Since his character was the "cool one" of the four Seaver siblings, he quickly wrested lead actor status away from Alan Thicke, who played the father.

In 1987, Kirk Their characters were slated to be married before the cast's seven-year contracts ended in 1992.

However, while many merely become addicted to drugs or do porn, Cameron has found a worse fate: being the sidekick of Ray Comfort and being a hope dope dealer. Assuming that is true, it's not likely his atheism was well thought out as he became a saved Christian at age 17.

Before finding Mister Jesus, Kirk Cameron played Mike Seaver, the oldest child on the domestic sitcom Growing Pains (1985-92).

They happily make fools of themselves wherever they go.

They have several routines including the banana fallacy and the one where he totally defeats his own argument during live debates with his "crocoduck." He also starred in the laughably mediocre Left Behind movie series.

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